Monday, April 11, 2005

Fly in the Urinal?

In Amsterdam, the tile under Schiphol's urinals would pass inspection in and operating room. But nobody notices. What everbody does notice is that each urinal has a fly in it. Look harder, and the fly turns into the black outline of a fly, etched into the porcelain. It improves the aim. If a man sees a fly, he aims at it. Fly-in-urinal research found that etchings reduce spillage by 80%. It gives a guy something to think about. That's the perfect example of process control. Posted by Hello


drama mama said...

I'm gonna paint a fly in each of my toilets today! My boys have terrible aim!

dom said...

My Nan RIP, had a sign in her toilet saying..
"We aim to please,will you aim too please ?"
LOL at the fly , I bet it works too!

John Norton said...

I know whenever there's a dead bug in my toilet, I sure aim for it.